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Blog Category: Awards

Art Students’ Replica of “Symbiosis”

Two art students from Lake Howell High School in Winter Park, Florida, participated in a local chalk art competition and reproduced my work “Symbiosis”. They did an amazing job and won best reproduction. 

This is the second time students of art teacher Sandra Rivas-Cole used one of my images. When my art inspires young, talented people it makes it all worthwhile. 

A special thank you to Ms. Rivas-Cole for introducing my art to her students and supporting them in their effort.


Art Innovation of the Year Award

I'm very honored and thrilled to be the joint recipient of the MAKING A MARK Art Innovation of the Year Award again! 

"MAKING A MARK" is artist Katherine Tyrrell's world renown blog where she "... writes about art for artists and art lovers". The Art Innovation of the Year Award was established by Katherine to "highlight those artist bloggers who experiment and/or create and/or share innovations which help the practice of other artists". 

Here is an excerpt of Katherine's blog post: "Ester for me is one of a few coloured pencil artists (and inventors) who have a proper appreciation of how to bring coloured pencil art (and inventions!) to the market in a way which gets it taken seriously. It's one thing to produce it, it's quite another to get it sold! ...Ester Roi has started to: produce oversized giclee prints from works in coloured pencil ...uses canvas in order to produce larger originals using coloured pencils (24" x 48")."

Please visit MAKING A MARK to read about all the other 2013 award winners.

Have a joyful, healthy and peaceful New Year!


CPSA “Explore This! 8” Award

Explore This! 8

I'm thrilled to announce that my artwork River Odyssey received the The CPSA District Chapters Award for Outstanding Recognition in "Explore This! 8", the Colored Pencil Society of America's online exhibition. Please visit the exhibition to view all the outstanding art selected by juror Jane Allen Nodine to be on display for a full year on the CPSA website. Click here to see the award winners.

This is my third acceptance into a CPSA "Explore This!" exhibition which qualified me to receive my CPX Signature Membership. I'm very honored to have earned my second signature status from the Colored Pencil Society of America.

River Odyssey


Good News and Slide Show

I'm thrilled to announce that my artwork Symbiosis won First Place in the San Clemente Art Gallery Winter Judged Show, Mixed Media category.

I'm also very happy that River Odyssey was juried into "Explore This! 8", the Colored Pencil Society of America's online exhibition. This annual exhibition, which opens on February 1st and runs until January 31st, 2013, is for colored pencil artwork that includes some element or technique that is unacceptable for the International Exhibition. This permits artists to experiment with various mediums and surfaces as well as three-dimensional, collage and relief artworks.

Symbiosis - San Clemente Art GalleryRiver Odyssey


I have just uploaded a slide show of River Pebbles, No. 1 to Icarus Art's YouTube Channel. You can view it below.


“Icarus Drawing Board” Receives Award

I'm thrilled and honored that my Icarus Drawing Board is the recipient of The MAKING A MARK Art Innovation of the Year Award!

"MAKING A MARK" is artist Katherine Tyrrell's world renown blog where she "... writes about art for artists and art lovers". The Art Innovation of the Year Award was established by Katherine to "highlight those artist bloggers who experiment and/or create and/or share innovations which help the practice of other artists". This is an amazing and unexpected recognition that I proudly share with joint winner artist Karin Jurick for her Paint On Tabletop Easel.

I'm sincerely grateful to the individuals who have taken the time to nominate me and to all my other supporters and goodwill wishers. This award has strengthened my commitment to experiment even further with the Icarus technique and share my discoveries with other fellow artists.

Please visit MAKING A MARK to read about all the other 2011 awards and winners.

At my desk


“Art Innovation of the Year Award” Nomination

I'm very honored to be mentioned as an example of artist bloggers who, as Katherine Tyrrell says, "experiment and/or create and/or share innovations which help the practice of other artists". I'd love it if you would nominate me for the MAKING A MARK "Art Innovation of the Year Award".

Read what else Katherine Tyrrell wrote:

"...I've been very struck in recent years by artists who are art bloggers who have gone that extra mile and addressed their practical needs by creating a new tool or experimenting with new media - which they then share with other artists.

Ester Roi is a good example of the sort of person I mean. Some have shared within a commercial context - especially when, like Ester, they have invented, commissioned and manufactured a new material or tool which is not cheap to produce. Others focus on sharing new ways of working with media, materials or equipment produced by others.

The net result of all their experimentation and sharing is that for many of us our kit and materials now look very different as a direct result of their efforts. We've all benefited and this award is one way we can share our appreciation!"

To nominate me (you need an art blog to do it), go to Katherine Tyrrell's MAKING A MARK.

Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Post a Comment".

Your comment should include:

Award: 2011 "The Art Innovation of the Year Award"
Name of the blog with URL: "Ester Roi's Blog"
Name of the blogger: Ester Roi
: (please write a reason why you are nominating me/my blog for the "Art Innovation of the Year Award" hint, hint... Icarus Drawing Board)


CPSA Convention & Exhibition in Dallas, TX

The best way to describe my experience at the 19th Annual CPSA Convention and Exhibition in Dallas, Texas, is by sharing some of the special moments that I was able to capture with my camera. Enjoy!

Exhibition View

This year the exhibition was held at the beautiful Charles W. Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas. It will be showing until July 31st.

My Artwork

This is a close-up of the area where "Social Network" is displayed in the gallery. I'm thrilled to report that my artwork received "The Seattle Washington District Chapter Award for Exceptional Merit" from Juror Bob Malenfant, director of the South West Gallery in Dallas. For a list of all awards please visit the CPSA website at this link.

Debbi Friedman with herKendra Ferreira with her


Debbi Friedman and Kendra Ferreira are two of my favorite artists who like to draw stones and rocks as I do. You can see how uniquely beautiful their interpretations of the same subject are.

CJ Worlein with her ArtworkBarbara Rogers with her


CJ Worlein's portrait "The Sisters" won the Cippy Best of Show Award. Barbara Rogers' beautiful "Misty" was one of my favorite landscapes in the show.

Christi Tompkins with her Son, Nathan

The most touching moment at the artist reception was when I was introduced to Nathan, a 10 year old boy who liked my artwork and wanted to meet me. He was there with his mom, artist Christi Tompkins.  There's nothing more rewarding as an artist than to be able to inspire somebody, especially a young person. It was great meeting you, Nathan!

Award Banquet

Here is a group of us, all dressed up at the Award Banquet. From left: Dianna Soisson, Debbi Friedman, Lynda Schumacher, Elizabeth Patterson, Kendra Ferreira and moi.

Trade Show

The Convention Trade Show was a great success. I enjoyed demonstrating the Icarus Drawing Board and chatting with many artists who were curious about it or wanted to try it.


“Pencil Paintings” Exhibition

The 2011 Pencil Painting Exhibition, presented by the Los Angeles Colored Pencil Society Chapter 214, is in full swing at the Cypress Community Gallery, 5700 Orange Avenue, Cypress, California. This is an outstanding exhibition of colored pencil paintings and drawings that represent the diversity of techniques that can be obtained by using colored pencils as a fine art medium. The gallery will be open until April 14 - Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

My artwork "River Odyssey" received an Honorable Mention.

Jane Shibata, Me, Barbara Rogers, Betzi Stein, Jeff George, and Betsy HolsterElaine Lapidus, Barbara Rogers, Elizabeth Patterson, and Betzi SteinBarbara Rogers and Me with Our Respective Honorable Mention Winners


Linda RahlRuth AnismanJeff George


Lupe Backe - First Place WinnerStanding byBetzi Stein and Me