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Blog archives: 2020

“Double Take”

Title: Double Take
Size: 19" x 32"
Medium: wax pastel (Neocolor)
Surface: canvas mounted on board
TechniqueIcarus Painting Board

This artwork is the first of a new series that focuses on a submerged group of pebbles and their reflections under the water surface. I'm completely fascinated by this phenomenon which conveys a feeling of altered reality. 

It takes a lot of time and preparation to capture beautiful reflections. After hundreds of photos, if I'm lucky, I come up with one or maybe two that work. 

The interplay between realism and abstraction is an endless source of inspiration for me.


Step 6 - Framing the Artwork

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic my framer has been closed and I haven't been able to frame "Good Vibrations" yet. Because of its complexity and size, this artwork needs a very simple floater frame. I'm thinking of ordering one online if I can't contact my framer soon.

Step 1: before varnishing

Step 2: sealing the artwork

Step 3: mounting the artwork on a panel

Step 4: digital capture of the artwork

Step 5: applying the final varnish

Step 6: framing the artwork 

Check this link to see how I frame smaller artworks.


“Pebbles From Heaven, No. 4”

Title: Pebbles From Heaven, No. 4"
Size: 12" x 16"
Medium: wax pastel
Surface: linen mounted on board
Technique: Icarus Painting Board

This has been my longest break from art in 15 years. I’ve been keeping myself busy with overdue house/family projects that have been gnawing at me for way too long. After completing them, I feel a great sense of relief and accomplishment. My head is now spinning with so many creative ideas!

The linen I used as a substrate was primed with Art Spectrum Multimedia Primer. I really liked the irregular weave of linen versus cotton canvas but, if I will use it again in the future, I will choose a finer texture. 

After varnishing, mounting and framing it, I will list it for sale on my website store. 

For more information on my "Pebbles from Heaven" series please read this blog post.

It's nice to be back!