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Blog archives: June 2012

“River Pebbles, No. 8”

River Pebbles, No 8


Title: River Pebbles, No. 8

For techniques used in this artwork, please see blog post River Pebbles, No.3 - Melting Artist Crayons


“River Pebbles, No. 7”

River Pebbles, No. 7

Title: River Pebbles, No. 7

Outline - Cool Zone

The outline was accomplished with Prismacolor Verithin on the cool zone of the Icarus board.

Color Mapping - Warm Zone - Low Temperature

In this step I blocked-in the main colors on the warm zone with very low heat, just enough to soften the waxy pigments without melting them or blending them.

Burnishing & Blending - Warm Zone - Medium Temperature

After setting the temperature control at medium, I added additional color until there was enough pigment to obliterate the paper. Then I began blending using the point of a tortillon or the side of a paper stump with a very light touch.

Colorless blenders were used to soften edges and details.


“River Pebbles, No. 6”

River Pebbles, No. 6

Title: River Pebbles, No. 6

In preparation for the upcoming Laguna Beach Festival of Arts I've been working on small and large pieces concurrently and I haven't had the time to scan and put together the step-by-steps and videos. However I've been jotting down all the interesting technical aspects that I encountered so that I won't forget to share them with you when time permits.

In this particular piece I struggled a bit with the surface. Colourfix Supertooth is very rough and, although it's well suited for rocks and pebbles, it might be an overkill. The bigger issue with Colourfix paper is that the texture is inconsistent, sometimes it's toothier than others and I don't like surprises.

Priming my own paper gives me much more control over the final results. It's very easy to do it and also less expensive than buying already-made Colourfix paper.


“Snake River Ripples”

Snake River Ripples

Title: Snake River Ripples

"Snake River Ripples" is my contribution to the ART-TO-GO fund raising program. The Laguna Beach Festival of Art exhibitors donate one or more artworks to The Artists Fund which promotes, displays, and sells their work through retail and auction activities. The fund serves as financial relief to artists suffering economic hardship.

The 2012 ART-TO-GO Preview Exhibit is co-hosted by the Laguna Beach City Hall and the 1st Thursday Art Walk members. It runs from May 24 through June 26 at the City Hall. The artists reception is scheduled for Thursday, June 7, at 5pm.