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Artist: technique

Icarus Drawing Board

The Icarus Technique is based on the principle that when a wax-based medium is exposed to heat, it becomes softer or even melts. When returned to room temperature, it quickly solidifies.

The Icarus Drawing Board is a portable drawing board featuring two working zones, a warm zone and a cool zone. By shifting the artwork between the two zones, the artist can take full advantage of the intrinsic properties of wax-based media. In general, the warm zone is used for mixing pigments, blending, burnishing and reworking. The cool zone is used for line drawing, layering, detailing and finishing touches.

The Icarus Drawing Board should not be confused with an encaustic hot plate. It is an actual drawing board that allows artists to work on its surface for hours on hand while resting their arms comfortably on the cool areas of the tempered glass.

All wax-based media, particularly colored pencils, artist crayons, and oil pastels are ideal for the Icarus Drawing Board technique.