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Blog archives: December 2010

New Videos on YouTube

Check out my latest playlist on YouTube. It's a series of exercises on Art Spectrum Colourfix Paper, one of my favorite surfaces. In the next several months all the videos from my workshop "Wax and Heat, a Match Made in Heaven" will be voiced over and uploaded on the Icarus Art channel. Artists who couldn't attend my workshop will have the opportunity to view the videos and practice the techniques.

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Fine Line Artists Exhibition

Yesterday I drove to San Diego with my husband, Mario, to attend the opening reception of The Fourth International Exhibition of The Fine Line Artists at the Mission Trails Regional Park Art Gallery. The exhibition is located at One Father Junipero Serra Trail and will run until December 3rd. Hours are Sunday - Saturday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

The Fine Line Artists is a group of artists who provide support for the development of their art and the business of being an artist. The five women who took part in the exhibition are: Katherine Tyrrell, Vivien Blackburn, Nicole Caulfield, Gayle Mason, and Louise Sackett.

I was glad to see Louise whom I've known from her days with the San Diego Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society. She recently moved to New Mexico and came back to organize and hang the show. She certainly did a great job - the exhibit was well presented, the reception lively, and the location really suited the art.

The subject matter was very diverse and included wildlife, still life, landscape, and botanical. It was a pleasure viewing up close artworks that I had previously admired online, and getting acquainted with new ones.

Mario and I came to the reception with the intention of taking many good pictures. Unfortunately my camera's automatic focus stopped working and the glasses I had with me were not very helpful in setting the focus manually. I hope you can still get a glimpse of this wonderful exhibition. Make sure to visit the artists' websites/blogs to enjoy more and better images of their art.

Katherine Tyrrell (Botanical), Gayle Mason (Wildlife), Ester Roi Gayle Mason (Wildlife), Katherine Tyrrell (Botanical), Mario Bassi


Vivien Blackburn (Landscape) Louise Sackett (Landscape), Nicole Caulfield (Still Life)


Nicole Caulfield (Still Life), Ester Roi Nicole Caulfield (Still Life), Mario Bassi


Nicole Caulfield (Still Life), Louise Sackett (Landscape), Ester Roi and Louise Sackett Artists Reception



Virginia Carroll

Virginia Carroll, a very successful artist from Arizona, recently came to my studio for a visit. When she found colored pencil, she began producing drawings at such a rate that she was able to collect a body of work exceeding 40 drawings in the space of seven months, and was given a "one man" show at the Hilltop Gallery in Nogales. Virginia senses beauty in all things, be it nature, architecture or a composed still life, and cannot limit herself to only one of them. She loves the flora and fauna of the desert, buildings and people, and will continue to explore the beauty in all things.

Virginia CarrollPomegranate's Beginning
"Pomegranate's Beginning" was made with the Icarus Drawing Board