Published in Poets and Artists Magazine

I’m very honored to have my artwork “Social Network” included in the “Glorious Color” issue of Poets and Artists Magazine, published by Didi Menendez. This issue is curated by Lorena Kloosterboer who provides a thoughtful and insightful interpretation of each works of art.

Here's what Lorena writes: "Ester Roi is an Italian artist based in San Juan Capistrano, California, who creates flamboyant artwork using dry and wax-based media to depict river stones, pebbles, and flowers. Water and wetness play important roles in her compositions. Inspired by nature, she creatively integrates realistic imagery and abstraction with a superb flair for color and technical skill.

Roi's gorgeous piece, entitled Social Network, draws me because of its sheer color intensity, flowing lines, and dramatic visuals. The expressive color palette enhances the detailed realism of smooth wet rocks and flowing water. Both composition and title suggest harmonious interconnectedness, adding emphasis to the deeper meaning of this artwork."

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