D. L. Friedman

I had the pleasure to spend some time with artist Deborah L. Friedman who traveled to Southern California from her home in Wellesley, Massachusetts, for a short family vacation. I've personally known Debbi for about a year but have admired her artwork for much longer.

It was her colorful stones drawings that attracted my attention, an example of which can be seen in this post. As a stones and pebbles aficionado, I'm always on the lookout for unique interpretations of this popular subject.

As soon as I discovered Debbi's stones, I saw them popping up everywhere, from The Artist's Magazine's All Media Competition, where she placed first in her category, to the Derwent graphite pencils tin box, where her artwork adorns the top.

After spending some time in my studio, where Debbi posed for the obligatory "swing portrait", we went walking along the shores of Corona Del Mar until we reached Pelican Point, a beautiful bluff south of Newport Beach. There's nothing like sharing a passion with a friend! During our walk we were both equally mesmerized by the little beach treasures found along the way, like seashells, sea glass, and last but not least, pebbles and rocks.

Debbi is accomplished in many different media, including colored pencil, graphite, pastel, oil, and printmaking. Her website is a showcase of her versatility in subjects and techniques and her love of nature is the unifying force. "Whether it's finding the wings of a luna moth in my garden, watching corn grow with my son, or quietly observing catbirds and great blue herons at the pond near my house," says Debbi, "I am constantly amazed by the natural world and strive to pass on some of this beauty and joy in my artwork."

To see more of Debbi's stones drawings and other artworks, please take a moment to visit her website.

To watch Debbi's TV interview, click the following link: Art Beat interview. It's available online until the end of May.

Debbi on my Studio SwingCounterpoint in Green