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Blog archives: 2012

Orange Coast Magazine

The Artist Spotlight of the August issue of Orange Coast Magazine features my artwork "Social Network". It includes information on my background, how I create my art, what inspires me to do it and that I'm showing at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts. For some reasons they forgot to mention the other mediums I use in my technique, colored pencil and oil pastel.

Orange Coast is the premier local lifestyle magazine of the region, bringing together Southern California's most affluent coastal communities through smart, fun, and timely editorial content, compelling photographs and quality advertising.

Orange Coast Magazine Artist Spotlight


Festival of Arts Update

I'm well into the third week of the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts. This is such an amazing experience and I feel so fortunate to be part of it!

I've finally had the time to organize the pictures of the "preview night" and of the friends, old and new, who came to visit. I hope you enjoy them!


Festival of Arts Opening Night

Opening Night at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts

The opening night of the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts surpassed all my expectations. It was an amazing experience with music, fun, food and 4,000 art loving people eager to meet the artists and, even better, buy their art.

I said goodbye to three of my paintings: "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", "Social Network" and "River Pebbles, No. 6". I have to admit that I felt a tinge of sadness seeing my art go so soon, especially my latest and largest piece, but at the same time I was thrilled that my babies found a good home. On the other hand my collector does not need "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" until the end of summer when he will bring it to his desert home. So I'll be able to keep it in my exhibit as a showpiece for as long as I need to.

The festival will go on a full time schedule on July 5th when it will be open daily from 10:00 am until 11:30 pm. I'm really looking forward to a great summer!

Happy 4th of July!


Ready, Set, Go!

My exhibit space at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts

Today is the opening party for the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and my exhibit space is ready to go. Four thousand people will be attending this evening event, a preview of the artists juried into the 2012 festival, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary. As you can see from the sign, my art has been categorized under "painting - icarus". I'm very honored that my technique has been recognized and I'm looking forward to explain the process to the visitors who will be intrigued by it.

Preparing for this festival has required all my time and energy. I will take a two month hiatus from demos, step-by-steps and videos but I will resume in earnest in September. I appreciate your patience and understating.

In July and August my posts will focus on the festival experience. I hope you will continue to read and comment as I really value your feedback. If you are in Southern California this summer, please stop by. Better yet, call me ahead at 949-683-6615 to make sure I'm there and I will get you inside for free.


“River Pebbles, No. 10”

River Pebbles, No. 10


Title: River Pebbles, No. 10

For techniques used in this artwork, please see blog post River Pebbles, No.3 - Melting Artist Crayons


“River Pebbles, No. 9” - Where’s Waldo?

Original Photo Reference

When I look at a reference photo like the one above, the question I always ask myself is: where's Waldo?

Waldo, for an artist like me, is a good composition hidden in the randomness of nature. Even when I'm the one setting up the still life, I try not to interfere in the way pebbles fall into place. I just take many pictures while anticipating the game I will play later on my computer.

Waldo can be elusive at times. I have images taken years ago that never produced a single Waldo. But my ability to "see" is constantly evolving; I know there's a Waldo waiting to be found even in the most hopeless image.


Meet Waldo! I found him in the center of the image. Now that I have him, I want to show him off but, as you can see, he looks a little drab. Light and color will do magic.


Here's what he looks like in black and white.

Values Adjusted

Much better - Waldo is coming to life. I just lightened the top left quadrant and pushed the overall value contrast.

Colors Adjusted

Now we're talking!

River Pebbles, No. 9

And here is my finished piece - in honor of Waldo of course!

Title: River Pebbles, No. 9

For techniques used in this artwork, please see blog post River Pebbles, No.3 - Melting Artist Crayons


“Poppy, No. 4”

Poppy, No. 4

Title: Poppy, No. 4


“River Pebbles, No. 8”

River Pebbles, No 8


Title: River Pebbles, No. 8

For techniques used in this artwork, please see blog post River Pebbles, No.3 - Melting Artist Crayons